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Patterns in Cyberspace

I’m Leonora.

I’m a full time student in computer science at Beloit.

I build and break open source software for fun.

💼 Experience

Software Engineering Intern

CancerIQ, Inc. Summer 2018. I developed user interface components and designed algorithms used to analyze health data, as well as working with DevOps technologies including Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, Prometheus, and Grafana.

Software Engineering Intern

GudTech, Inc. Summer 2017. I used agile methodology to work with a small team, gaining experience with Go and the inner workings of Docker in a Service Oriented Architecture environment. I created a developer tooling used for onboarding and external (SDK) development.

This is a selection of my experience. See my full resume for more, including volunteer positions and college work experience.

💻 Code

I write systems code in Rust and Go, scripts and utilities in Python and Lua, and websites in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript.

⚛ Projects

⚖ Ethics

It is the duty of software engineers to build software in an ethical way. In short:

  • computer systems should serve their users before their makers
  • software should empower users, not restrict them
  • users should decide how data is used before engineers or businesspeople

Whether it means embracing software freedom or another ideology, or going by gut feeling, we must proceed as best we can.

🎓 Tutorials

I’ve written tutorials on type systems and what can be done with them (for instance, session types), x86_64 binary reverse engineering, and application security topics like embedding malware in PDF files.

💬 Culture & Practices

The culture, business, and sociology of technology fascinate me.

I’ve written about topics ranging from hacker superstitions and how spending way too much time customizing my desktop is productive, actually to repairable hardware and free software and why it matters, for individuals and for society as a whole.

🗺 Around the ‘Net

You can find me: