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Nora Codes

A drawing of me, a queer woman with slightly wild hair and big glasses. I'm looking down slightly, and smiling. It's processed through a CRT, and has some distortion and noise.

Hi, I’m Nora Tindall. I work in software, currently building internet infrastructure with Rust at Fastly.

I enjoy filk music, instruments as art, zines, weird old computers, and building sustainable queer community both online and off.

a photo of my Eurorack synthesizer, accompanied by a 16n, monome grid, norns,
and Zoom H6n hand

My Eurorack modular synthesizer, with accompanying monome norns, monome grid, 16n, and mixer/recorder.

Web Presence

You can find me elsewhere online:


I write systems code in Rust and Go, scripts and utilities in Python and Lua, and websites in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript. I’ve started, or contributed significantly to, many open source projects.

See my resume for work experience, including volunteer positions and college work experience.


I write about projects I work on and try to record and synthesize what I learn about tech, society, and more.

I’ve written tutorials on type systems and what can be done with them (for instance, session types), binary reverse engineering, and application security topics like embedding malware in PDF files.

I’ve also written about topics ranging from how spending way too much time customizing my desktop is productive, actually to repairable hardware and free software and why it matters, for individuals and for society as a whole.

See also my off-site writing.

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