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Moving to Subdomains

Leonora Tindall 2018/05/13

I just finished moving my EtherPad Lite instance and my Gogs Git VCS instance to subdomains, rather than subdirectories. This involved two sources of pain:

  1. a lot of waiting for the DNS to propagate. First I had to wait to get my new NS settings set, then to actually update the domain names allowing the and domains to point to this server.

  2. a lot of config file updating in multiple places. I did eventually unify my Nginx config, which will save me some grief in the future, but I still had to update the Gogs and Etherpad Lite configs to be aware of their new locations.

My new Nginx config is in a few pieces:

Overall, it’s a much less convoluted system that I had in the past, and it means I can trivially seperate these services into multiple servers in the future.

I also recently installed Cockpit, which has been… a bit underwhelming. I’m hoping that will pick up, but either way it’ll be useful if I do end up leasing additional servers, since it can chart CPU and memory usage from more than one at a time, but it doesn’t offer a way to monitor Nginx or other webservers, or PostgreSQL.